Skillshare - CMake

Skillshare - CMake-QUiD
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Category: Tutorial

This course is made after extensive research on Stackoverflow, Quora, Reddit, Youtube, and other Q&A websites to handpick the concepts which are difficult to understand for the beginners. The course starts with compiling a simple C++ code; and, over the modules, various functionalities are added as the complexity increases
PentesterAcademy - Pandas for Pentesters

PentesterAcademy - Pandas for Pentesters
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Category: Tutorial

We are now living in a Big Data world - billions of devices communicating over millions of networks and generating petabytes of data, both at rest and in transit! Security professionals now encounter Big Data in the form of large log files, network traffic captures, forensics of large images and exports from security tools and products. In this course, we will look at how to analyze, mangle, transform and visualize data to derive interesting insights and intelligence from it.
Skillshare - Start Learning Embedded Systems With AVR Atmega32 Controller

Skillshare - Start Learning Embedded Systems With AVR Atmega32 Controller-LiBRO
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"I believe everyone can learn and excel in technologies with right tools and proper guidance"

Have you been thinking of learning AVR microcontroller but couldn't get a head start because its too confusing and you don't have hardware?