8dio Guitalele KONTAKT

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8dio Guitalele KONTAKT
8dio Guitalele KONTAKT | 4.54 GB

8Dio Advanced Guitar Series: "Guitale" is a hybrid instrument ukulele with some soft and emotional tone of the instrument, known as Kiku - a cross between the classic 6-string nylon guitar and baritone ukulele. You get a more accurate and dense sound of the classical guitar in combination with softer features ukulele.

At the heart of our new guitar series - 2 parallel engine, one of which supports the solo, the other strumming the guitar. The engine is a solo based on various new methods of recording, giving you a fully realistic and smooth legato. Another engine that is responsible for strumming, you can create almost any rhythm and chord that you can imagine. The engine is designed as a step sequencer, and an incredibly simple and intuitive to use. Outcome - 100% authentic sounding guitars. You can play a quick virtuoso solo or create an extended strum pattern.
Advanced Guitar Series Guitalele - incredibly flexible, intuitive and easy to use tool. You can literally just sit down and play it. All the main controls are available on the front panel interface. You can control the noise of fingers moving across the strings, adjust the sound volume of the fingers release the string, add real-time naigryvanie chords using our advanced engine. We've included all the common articulation, including sustain, without vibrato, vibrato, sustain, muffled shots, harmonic ...

Kontakt VST / AU / AAX
10,500+ Samples. 4.8GB (compressed from 11.7GB)
Deep-Sampled Guitalele w/ new Solo and Strum-Engines
Advanced Legato hammer on samples
Designed as intuitive and playable right off the keys
Intuitive 3D-Rendered User Interface
Chaos FX System
Product only available as Direct Download
Full Retail Version of Kontakt 5.5 (or later) Required


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